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Accounts Receivable, Minus the Headaches

Simplify Account Management With Accuracy and Ease

Efficient, Accurate, and Easy Account Management

Start extending in-store credit to track business-to-business sales, employee purchases, and third-party billing! Our accounts receivable (AR) module makes account management and collection more manageable. Take advantage of flexible statement printing, management-defined credit limits, and back office or POS payment handling. Define customer groups and link primary and secondary accounts to save administrative time.

accounts receivable software

Key Benefits of The Module

Accurate Reporting

Accurate Reporting

Easily access reports and insights into your outstanding invoice performance showing outstanding invoice status.

Streamline Billing

Streamline Billing

Save time, reduce administrative overhead, and generate invoices by automating the billing and invoicing process directly from the POS system.

Improve Cash Flow

Stay on top of payments and ensure revenue is on time with efficient tracking and management.

Enhance Customer Relationships

Enhance Customer Relationships

Maintain a clear and professional communication channel for addressing payment-related inquiries and issues with flexible payment options.

accounts receivable module

Reliable Features of Our AR Module

Simplified Invoicing

  • Define credit limits, interest rates, and grace periods
  • Simplify customer management by consolidating statements
  • Optimize printing with scheduled end-of-period statement printing

Secure Data Storage

  • Ensure only approved users can access billing information with user authentication
  • Encryption ensures data file storage and retrieval are protected
  • Access logs and audit trails track user interactions and identify security breaches

Real-Time Reporting

  • Improve operational controls with instant reporting and analytics
  • Quickly identify late or slow-paying customers in real time
  • View customer balances and account details at the point of sale

Get More Financial Stability with an Accounts Receivable Module

Discover how our innovative AR solutions can transform your bottom line when automated through the POS System.

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Our solution suits small businesses with 1 or 2 checkout lanes, delivering a cost-effective and intuitive interface. With the essential functionalities, your business needs efficient customer checkout, inventory management, price adjustments, promotions, and real-time reporting.


Our retail POS software is perfect for larger businesses looking for advanced features or that have plans to grow. It offers advanced features like inventory management, suggested ordering, and a comprehensive loyalty program for an enhanced customer experience.


Geared towards retail chains, our software streamlines store management across multiple locations. Empower centralized control over products, pricing, and promotions and facilitate store-wide promotional activities—all in one place.

Add Our Invoicing and AR Module To Your Point of Sale!

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