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Proper inventory management software is essential to the bottom line of your business. As an independent business owner, you need innovative technology with powerful capabilities from a provider you can rely on. Auto-Star has been leading the way in inventory control solutions for over 35 years. Our company got its start developing inventory management solutions for mechanics in the automotive industry. The success of our innovative technology sparked interest from other industries, helping Auto-Star evolve into what it is today. We now provide robust retail POS technology for the pharmacy, natural health, and grocery markets. With decades of development and optimization, inventory management has always been the cornerstone of our software solutions.

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Benefits of Inventory Control:

  • Increased efficiency and order accuracy
  • Time and cost savings
  • Improved customer service
  • Improved cash flow
  • Higher profit margins
  • Improved loss prevention
  • Faster response to trends
  • Negotiate with suppliers for better pricing

Is Your Inventory Management Pulling Its Weight?

Simplify Inventory Management

Ensure that you always have the right products on the shelf at the right time by calculating purchase orders based on the minimum and maximum thresholds set in your inventory management software. The Star-Plus solution offers the ability to track inventory in real time and integrates with your eCommerce site—automatically updating inventory levels when a purchase is made online or in-store for superior accuracy.

With inventory reporting and management, you can increase order accuracy which will result in improved inventory turns, reducing storage space and overall inventory investment. Our purchasing and receiving module allows you to generate orders for multiple vendors and efficiently manage orders and update costs, saving time and resources while simplifying the inventory process, giving your profit margins a boost.

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Ensure the Right Products are Stocked at the Right Time

Our software solutions offer advanced features to ensure you never run out of stock at peak times.

Replenishment Purchasing- Keep shelves stocked with ease—especially for popular seasonal items. Our replenishment purchasing feature allows you to optimize your inventory for peak times by calculating purchase orders based on inventory sold historically over a specific timeframe. Learn more.

Scientific Purchasing- The industries most advanced suggested ordering solution will help you reduce investment, storage space, and loss due to spoilage or damages to increase profits and improve cash flow. Streamline your operations with flexible setup and control to schedule orders based on sophisticated algorithms to optimize your inventory. Learn more.

Wireless Handheld- Increase efficiency and accuracy when conducting price checks, ordering, receiving, or counting inventory on the spot with a wireless handheld. Handheld devices increase customer satisfaction, reduce wait times, and streamline the receiving and checkout processes. Learn more.

Manage Your Inventory Across Multiple Locations

Provide your customers with a consistent experience across multiple locations using the Star-Plus Multi-Store module to control inventory. Eliminate redundant data entry and reduce errors by managing locations from your head office. Using this feature, view on-hand inventory for all locations and transfer overstock from any location to another. Access robust reporting features for insight into sales, profits, trends, and margins for one location, or the entire enterprise with ease.

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3 Ways to Enhance Your Retail Operations

We’ve broken down some of the most important aspects that your inventory management system needs to enhance your operations. Read our free ebook and find out if your inventory management is pulling its weight.

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