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Simple and Affordable Retail POS Software for Small Businesses

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Fast, Easy to Use, and Affordable

Auto-Stars Star-Lite solution is designed for small businesses looking to gain control of their day-to-day business operations. Our retail POS software is ideal for businesses with one to two checkout lanes.

  • Gain Insights With POS Data
  • Grow Sales With Promotions
  • Security Built to Reduce Theft

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Benefits of Star-Lite as a Retail POS Software for Small Businesses

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Enhance Day-to-Day Operations

Our intuitive interface is easy to learn and use. Reduce or eliminate time-consuming manual tasks so you can better optimize store associate labor.

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Provide a Better Customer Experience

Our POS Software for small businesses comes jam-packed with features that make it easy to create personalized and unique customer experiences that generate repeat business.

Increase Your Bottom Line

With clean operations, better promotions, and customer service, you’ll be able to increase revenue and better manage how that revenue is utilized to grow your business.

What Does Star-Lite Do For Your Business?

Star-Lite an Intuitive POS Solution

Managing your business just got easier with Star-Lite’s intuitive point of sale user interface. Spend less time training employees and more time focusing on growing your retail business. Our team makes it easy to get started at an affordable price.
  • Our solutions come with a cashier training mode that guides staff through the interface, so they don’t get lost or forget vital steps in the days or weeks after training.
  • Quick-Flip is an image-based product lookup feature that makes it easier to find products at the checkout, as opposed to traditional PLU lookup
  • Our POS system integrates with a variety of peripherals, including printers, scales, and barcode scanners, to quickly and reliably check out customers.
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Easy Product & Price Management

Star-Lite makes it easy to set up and maintain your product files all from one screen. Create products, set retail prices, track costs, create promotional events, review sales, and purchase history.
  • Automate data entry with warehouse file import, upload your excel doc, and our product and price management module will create a product file from your data.
  • Star-Lite is a POS Software for Small Businesses which is why we made it easy to manage all your product and pricing management from one place.
  • Our software makes omnichannel selling easier than ever! Whether you have multiple locations or sell on several eCommerce platforms, you can manage it all from a singular dashboard.

Effective Point of Sale Security

Auto-Star takes security seriously. From general retail allowances, to payments processing, and advanced medical compliance From securing payment data with Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS) to vital HIPPA security such as personally identifiable information (PII), personal health information (PHI), and accounting information, our solution encrypts and protects your data.

  • Our biometric security and fingerprint sensors ensure only employees with proper permissions can access certain data.
  • Employee permissions can be set to ensure employees logging in to the POS system only have access to the windows and information they need.
  • Auto-Star also offers secure payment processing that meets advanced security standards so you can process credit, debit, gift cards, and NFC.
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Real-Time Data Analytics

Star-Lite offers a variety of reports to monitor sales and improve margins. Choose from over 50 standard reports or create your own with our custom report builder.

  • Our wide array of reports gives you an in-depth understanding of your customer, employee, sales, and inventory to get a full picture of your business.
  • Our inventory reporting provides industry-leading reporting, giving you a leg up on the competition with scientific purchasing and replenishment purchasing.
  • Our reporting software has easy-to-use dashboards, a quick report generator, or custom  in-depth reports with global store analysis, customer segmentation, hundreds of data connectors, and many more drill-down options.


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The Star-Lite point of sale is designed for ease of use and customer service.  Star-Lite features a customizable cashier screen and on-screen advertising.

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Set up and maintain your product file all from one screen.  Easily create products, track their costs from multiple vendors, and set the retail price.

A simple tool that allows you to manage the people and companies associated with your store.  Keep a close track of customer, employee, and vendor information.

Manage funds that are accepted at the till.  Compare your cash drawer against the point of sale through blind balancing, define the types of payment that can be rendered, and create bank deposit reports.

Monitor sales and customer trends with dashboard and real-time reporting.  Select from over 50 standard reports or design your own with the custom report builder.

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Define which program functions can be performed by specific users with the use of passwords and trust levels.  Users can log in with a username and password, scan a card or use a biometric fingerprint sensor.

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Store and recall credit card and refund signatures along with transaction detail in a secure, paperless environment.  Include messages to the customer for items such as credit card authorization and refunds.

Offers creative store promotions that give customers the option to mix and match.  Set up promotions in advance to ensure accuracy and timeliness.

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Enhance your brand and increase customer loyalty with customized gift cards.  Easily issue gift cards, track balances, and view purchase history.

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Add integrated payment processing that accepts debit & credit and more to Star-Lite to ensure accuracy and increase checkout efficiency.

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Manage all your stores from one central hub. Review one store at a time or your business as a whole. Ideal for inventory sharing and employee management.
Provides users with a way to rent out assets to customers for a period and manage information about rental contracts to make it easy to track when the inventory is expected back.
A full suite of programs that allows stores to order from one central Star-Plus site.
Save on labor costs, decrease wait time at checkout, and free up staff to focus on customer service with our self-checkout software.

Provide a thorough Accounts Receivable program for customers or employees, saving admin time and expediting collections. Track credit limits and balances, apply interest and print comments, and dunning messages and letters.

Enhance your store using electronic shelf labels (ESLs). Smart price tags automate pricing, simplify inventory, and link to POS for instant replenishment.

Easily design professional shelf labels, promo talkers, produce signage, and product stickers. Save time and ensure accuracy with real-time updates for price changes, new products, and promotions.

Experience The Auto-Star Difference

Training & Installation

Auto-Star provides on-site training and installation to help you get the most out of your software investment. Our knowledgeable support technicians work closely with you and your staff to ensure a smooth transition.
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Around-the-Clock Support

When you have a question or problem, you will always find someone ready to help. Exceptional customer service is at the heart of the outstanding customer care you can expect from Auto-Star.
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Continuous Innovation

We take pride in ensuring that our products are of the highest quality. As an Auto-Star customer, you receive the latest product releases and enhancements.
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