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Advanced reporting gave retail giants a massive advantage historically. However, analytical reporting is increasingly becoming the heart of business operations as more retailers discover its value of enabling managers to get an overview of their business with both individual store performance and multi-store level reporting. Take the questions out of running your company with our built-in reports that allow you to keep a pulse on your key performance indicators.. With over 35 years of experience helping independent business owners take back control of their stores using point-of-sale technology, we know exactly what information you need to succeed. Our robust reporting and analytics technology for the pharmacy, natural health, and grocery markets are backed by decades of development and optimization to offer cutting-edge connectivity.


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The Right Tools For Business Insights



Easily generate or create reports that empower you to review the most important parts of your business. Easy to use, real-time visual dashboard reporting enables managers to view critical data and make decisions. Our analytics dashboard comes with pre-made visual reports. Dig deeper and generate store-level reports, monitor trends, and view graphs for a unique view of critical data.

Gain Powerful Insights

Our reporting system is vast and enables you to track and analyze multiple aspects of your business:

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Get broader insights into your customers’ preferences. Set up your POS systems reporting to monitor your customers’ purchasing patterns to make better inventory predictions. Pinpoint the exact information you want with customizable data connectors to select from.




Monitor cashier performance to identify bottlenecks and identify key loss prevention metrics. Use these reports to reward hard-working employees or restructure your staff for better performance.

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Say goodbye to stockouts. Our advanced reporting is built to synchronize with our just-in-time, scientific, and replenishment ordering system to eliminate stock and inventory dilemmas. Predictive inventory management paired with easy-to-read visualizations makes it easy to keep inventory manageable and gives you a competitive advantage. Learn More

Perfect For Scalability

Whether you’re pulling individual store reports or trying to examine overall business performance from multiple locations, our reporting system makes it easy to manage all your data from one platform. Our reporting and management solution makes it easy to evaluate store performance, compare location success, and get granular with inventory and employee reporting. Built to work cohesively with Star-Link, it’s never been easier to see your data and act. Easily roll out updates to single stores or the whole chain and automatically update eCommerce platforms all with one update.  

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Our Analytical Report Features

  • Global store analysis
  • Customer segmentation
  • Hundreds of data connectors
  • Easy to use dashboards
  • Quick report generator
  • A myriad of drill-down options

Point of Sale Solution
for Small Retailers
  • Fast, Easy to Use and Affordable
  • Reduce Theft with Integrated Security
  • Simple Cashier Balancing
  • Grow Sales with Flexible Promotions
  • At a Glance Dashboard Reporting
  • Integrated Software Solutions to
    Streamline Operations
  • Protect your Investment with this
    Expandable, Future Proof Solution

Point of Sale & Store
Management Solution
  • All the Features of Star-Lite
  • Save Time with Suggested Ordering
  • Increase Productivity with Mobile Solutions
  • Integrated Customer Loyalty Programs to Keep Customers Coming Back
  • Reduce Collection Time with Professional Charge Account Management
  • Improve Merchandising with Customizable Labels and Signage

Head Office & Store
Management Solution
  • Centrally Manage your Linked Stores
  • Improve Efficiency Across the Chain
  • Leverage Buying Power
  • Monitor Employee Performance
  • Real-time Reporting to Gain a Competitive Edge
  • Reduce Risk and Liability with Centralized Employee Security
  • Chain-wide Loyalty and Promotions to Build your Brand

Features Designed for Supermarket

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