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Spend more time with customers and less time managing your inventory

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Health food stores and natural product retailers have been selecting Auto-Star’s software solutions for over a decade, and it’s easy to see why.  With simple tools at the point of sale and back office that allow you to focus more on your customers and grow your business, they have found a long-term partner that is dedicated to their success.  Customizable touch screens make it easy to train new staff and ensure quick transactions.  Stand apart from the competition with flexible promotions and adaptable customer loyalty programs.



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Many Ways to Save

Flexible promotions and loyalty programs keep customers coming back to health food store while you gain valuable insights into purchasing behaviors and trends.  Reward customers with smart coupons and discounts to promote higher margins or complementary products that may better their health outcomes.  Our programs can be targeted to specific customers, departments, and product lines by offering coupons, discounts, gift certificates, entry forms, extra points, or free items.

Simplify Inventory Management

Improve order accuracy and respond quickly to customer trends with automated inventory tracking and purchasing.  As a leader in the natural health market, you deal with many different suppliers from large international companies to small independent manufacturers.  We make it easy to manage your vendor file and create purchase orders that can be automatically emailed or sent to your suppliers.

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Stay Ahead of your Competition

Quick and easy access to relevant data helps you make informed decisions about your health food store. Create custom reports or select from a variety of standard reports for up-to-the-minute information on your sales, profit, and margins.  Track employee or referral commissions for your sales staff or referral partners like practitioners or trainers.


Free Health and Natural Product Retailer’s Guide

Point of Sale Solution
for Small Retailers
  • Fast, Easy to Use and Affordable
  • Reduce Theft with Integrated Security
  • Simple Cashier Balancing
  • Grow Sales with Flexible Promotions
  • At a Glance Dashboard Reporting
  • Integrated Software Solutions to
    Streamline Operations
  • Protect your Investment with this
    Expandable, Future Proof Solution

Point of Sale & Store
Management Solution
  • All the Features of Star-Lite
  • Save Time with Suggested Ordering
  • Increase Productivity with Mobile Solutions
  • Integrated Customer Loyalty Programs to Keep Customers Coming Back
  • Reduce Collection Time with Professional Charge Account Management
  • Improve Merchandising with Customizable Labels and Signage

Head Office & Store
Management Solution
  • Centrally Manage your Linked Stores
  • Improve Efficiency Across the Chain
  • Leverage Buying Power
  • Monitor Employee Performance
  • Real-time Reporting to Gain a Competitive Edge
  • Reduce Risk and Liability with Centralized Employee Security
  • Chain-wide Loyalty and Promotions to Build your Brand

Features Designed for Natural Health

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Modules for Natural Health

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