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Auto-Star Self-Checkout Kiosk Software

Increase Checkout Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction

Meet Consumer Demand for Self-Checkout

Today’s consumers have come to expect a quick and convenient shopping experience tailored to their specific needs. According to recent surveys, over 60% of shoppers prefer self-service over interacting with a store employee. Offer your customers a flexible and easy way to scan and pay for their items while minimizing stress on employees. The new Auto-Star self-checkout kiosk offers the flexibility, speed, and convenience of a traditional self-checkout at a fraction of the cost.

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Practical Self-Checkout Design

The Auto-Star Self-Checkout’s small footprint and modular design allow retailers to optimize valuable floor space and increase checkout efficiency. Whether you have one checkout lane or a dozen, it’s easy to manage from a familiar Star-Plus point of sale and back office. 

  • Complements any retail space and integrates easily with existing infrastructure. 
  • Auto-Star Self-Checkout does not require an attendant station, saving retail space.
  • Integrates with hardware from leading providers, giving retailers the flexibility to tailor the solution to their needs.
Peterlee / Great Britain - May 23, 2019 : Self service area in modern supermarket showing self-service pay point tills

A Solution Made for Efficiency

The best customer experiences are fast and efficient – and don’t involve waiting in long lines. The solution’s small footprint allows retailers to deploy it conveniently without investing in store renovations. After easy implementation, Auto-Star Self-Checkout systems provide your business with a range of benefits that increase efficiency. 

  • Multiple self-checkout lanes ensure that customers can complete their purchases without the wait. 
  • With Auto-Star Self-Checkout, customers follow easy-to-understand prompts for quick checkout experiences. 
  • The ability to use Quick Flip enables customers to use a visual menu to select their items for purchase easily and efficiently.

Simplified Self-Checkout Management

Some self-checkout solutions can enhance customer-facing processes but complicate management for retailers. Auto-Star Self-Checkout is designed to streamline management as well as checkout experiences. 

  • Auto-Star Self-Checkout integrates seamlessly with Star-Plus retail management software. 
  • One employee can manage multiple lanes, offering assistance when needed. 
  • Free up staff to focus on customer service and management tasks.
Young happy woman using self-service checkout with help of supermarket worker.
A senior man is paying with credit card on self-service cash register at the supermarket.

Manage More From The Till

With a Star-Plus self-checkout, customers gain more control over their experiences. After scanning and entering all their products, customers can pay their way and then print or email their receipts. 

  • Email or print HTML receipts with connected coupons for increased loyalty and return visits.
  • Customers can email gift receipts to themselves or to their loved ones for the ultimate convenience.
  • Partially redeem gift certificates, users can use gift cards to cover the total balance or just enough to cover the transactions, saving the remaining balance for later use.

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