Warehouse Management

Streamline your warehouse processes and maximize profitability

Efficient, Accurate, and Easy warehouse Management

Built for thriving independent retailers in mind, the Star-Plus Warehouse Management Module was designed to give you the control you need over your growing business and small warehouse. Fully integrated into the Star-Plus and Star-Link solutions, the Warehouse Module is an easy to use, seamless solution for retailers managing and maintaining inventory.

Faced with ongoing pressure from big box stores and large chains, independent retailers must meet increased expectations from customers to offer competitive pricing, fresh product on demand, and a real omni-channel experience. The Star-Plus Warehouse Management Module helps retailers save money and gain efficiencies.


Key Benefits of The Warehouse management Module

Accurate Reporting

Real-Time Reporting

Gain insights into warehouse performance and make informed decisions with real-time reports.

Streamline Billing


Manage inventory, billing, pricing and reporting for your Wholesale Operations.

Improve Inventory Management

Ensure customers receive fresh product on demand with a real omni-channel experience.

Enhance Customer Relationships

Enhance Communication

Give stores visibility into warehouse on hand inventory and accept electronic purchase orders from connected stores.

Reliable Features of Our Warehouse MANAGEMENT Module

Inventory Management

  • Orders are broken down automatically into different areas of the warehouse
  • Simplify replenishment with min/max suggested ordering
  • Real-time inventory look up from stores to the warehouse

Order Management

  • Invoices are automatically sent from warehouse to the store once orders are picked
  • Manage wholesale pricing including quotes and accounts receivable for B2B sales
  • Suggested distribution ordering based on stock levels in connected stores 

Reporting and Analytics

  • Manage bin locations and create picking reports
  • View key performance information for all completed orders that have been sent from stores
  • Make smart decisions and effectively manage the order return process to the warehouse  

Reduce costs and optimize operations with with our Warehouse Module

Discover how innovative warehouse solutions can save retailers money and gain efficiencies when centralized through the POS System.

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Our solution suits small businesses with 1 or 2 checkout lanes, delivering a cost-effective and intuitive interface. With the essential functionalities, your business needs efficient customer checkout, inventory management, price adjustments, promotions, and real-time reporting.


Our retail POS software is perfect for larger businesses looking for advanced features or that have plans to grow. It offers advanced features like inventory management, suggested ordering, and a comprehensive loyalty program for an enhanced customer experience.


Geared towards retail chains, our software streamlines store management across multiple locations. Empower centralized control over products, pricing, and promotions and facilitate store-wide promotional activities—all in one place.

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