Digital Coupons

8112 Coupons Now Available with Star-Plus Point-of-Sale

8112 Coupons

Get Out of the Stone Ages When it Comes to Collecting and Managing Coupons

Modern-day retailers are turning away from traditional paper coupons and digitizing their coupons, sales, and promotions. 8112 coupons are a cost-effective and efficient way for retailers to offer discounts via websites, social media, direct text, and in-store promotions.

Why Switch to a Digital Coupon Management System? Traditional Coupons:

  • Can be easily photocopied and duplicated, leading to abuse, and increasing the risk of fraud
  • Can be modified by changing a few small numbers in the barcode, which also increases fraud
  • ¬†Retailers must keep physical copies of the coupons and mail them in

8112 Coupons Solve These Problems in the Following Way:

  • Every single coupon has a unique number that can only be used one time
  • Coupons are automatically entered into the POS digital coupon management system, checked for fraud, then recorded as used
  • 8112 coupons are managed electronically, so reports can easily be downloaded from the POS system and sent electronically to NData

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