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Auto-Star POS software is developed with grocers in mind at every step. Because grocers sell foods, like produce, grains, bulk foods, and deli, by weight, point of sale (POS) scales are key to efficient checkout experiences. Auto-Star POS software integrates with the fastest grocery scanner/scales. Impress your customers with speed and convenience as your cashiers simply place the items on the scale and enter or scan the SKU to keep groceries moving down the belt. You also have the option to use countertop scales at the checkout, the deli, or the produce department that can enable fast, precise price changes when integrated with the Star-Plus Grocery Back Office solution.


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Intuitive Interfaces with QuckFlip

Auto-Star’s Price Look Up software and checkout interface work seamlessly with touchscreens and POS scales to make checkout faster and more efficient.

QuickFlip Technology Features:

  • Easy navigation and rapid entry for optimal workflows
  • Efficiently sell produce or other groceries by weight without a barcode
  • Quick and easy deployment options
  • Faster training for new staff

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Weigh and Package Foods at the Deli

It’s easy to keep customers informed at the deli, bakery, or prepared foods counter with deli scale price file integration from your POS that easily update and enters weight and price.

  • Easy to use, accurate, and certified for trade
  • Configurable label options to display the data your POS system needs
  • Repackage wholesale products for grab-and-go options
  • Fast print speeds for faster packaging and service
  • Small-footprint models are available for use where there’s limited counter space
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Simplify Workflows with Scale-scanners

Cashiers work most quickly when they can scan and weigh grocery items on the same device.

  • High-performance scanning with digital imagers on all planes to scan at any orientation
  • Ergonomic for cashiers, whether seated or standing
  • Designed to allow for optimal positioning of POS, touchscreen, payment terminals and printers
  • Auto-Star automatically updates inventory as items are scanned

Enhance Customer Experiences with Self-checkout Scales

Cash registers with weight scales give customers more autonomy and control shrinkage.

  • Customers can weigh produce and bulk foods and scan or look up prices
  • Scanner-Scale controls for customer and attendant prompts to avoid error
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Auto-Star Integrates with Practical Hardware for Grocers

Choose POS hardware that can withstand grocery orders filled with liquids, dust, and oils and work with your ERC or POS system.

  • Designed with damage resistant, hygienic materials
  • Optional pole display to enhance visibility over prices and the order total
  • Backed by manufacturer warranties
  • Integrates with most legacy scale models

Point of Sale Solution
for Small Retailers
  • Fast, Easy to Use and Affordable
  • Reduce Theft with Integrated Security
  • Simple Cashier Balancing
  • Grow Sales with Flexible Promotions
  • At a Glance Dashboard Reporting
  • Integrated Software Solutions to
    Streamline Operations
  • Protect your Investment with this
    Expandable, Future Proof Solution

Point of Sale & Store
Management Solution
  • All the Features of Star-Lite
  • Save Time with Suggested Ordering
  • Increase Productivity with Mobile Solutions
  • Integrated Customer Loyalty Programs to Keep Customers Coming Back
  • Reduce Collection Time with Professional Charge Account Management
  • Improve Merchandising with Customizable Labels and Signage

Head Office & Store
Management Solution
  • Centrally Manage your Linked Stores
  • Improve Efficiency Across the Chain
  • Leverage Buying Power
  • Monitor Employee Performance
  • Real-time Reporting to Gain a Competitive Edge
  • Reduce Risk and Liability with Centralized Employee Security
  • Chain-wide Loyalty and Promotions to Build your Brand

Features Designed for Supermarket

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