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Paving the Way with the Best in Retail Point of Sale Systems

When creating innovative and reliable retail technology solutions, no one in the industry does it like Auto-Star. For over 30 years, we have worked with retailers to develop technology that excels at bringing out the best in grocery, pharmacy, and natural health retailers—providing them with end-to-end coverage.

Our point of sale solutions (POS) are trusted by thousands of retailers all over Canada and the US. Our industry-leading POS solutions have helped keep our clients ahead of the curve and stand out from the rest of their competitors by increasing sales and improving workplace operations. Learn how our robust POS systems, like Star-Plus, can keep you and your customers satisfied, preparing your business for whatever challenges may arise.

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Easy to Operate and Seamless Integrations

We create our retail point of sale systems with ease of use in mind. With our intuitive touchscreen interface, you can eliminate training time and get straight to work. For our customers best interest, we ensure our programs offer a secure system with the best up-to-date certifications while maintaining ease of use, which includes:

  • Reducing training time
  • Security that meets the highest industry standards
  • Integration for customization to fit any business size
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Make Better Business Decisions

Our POS solutions allow businesses to collect valuable data to make better-informed decisions. With quick and easy access to our visual reports, data analytics has never been more accessible to retailers. Get better insights into consumers and inventory demands, and watch your business grow. In addition, our reports make it easy to share and discuss insights with your team and increase operational efficiency. Auto-Star’s Star-Link point of sale provides centralized data and reporting from all your stores in one convenient place for multi-chain retailers.

Improve Inventory Management

With advanced analytics and our insightful inventory management integrations, you can take control of your inventory with advanced tracking and product management right from your POS. Stay aware of stock levels, margins, purchasing, and product movement trends
with access to real-time data. Thus, optimizing accuracy from anywhere, making it easier to manage orders, calculate purchases, save on inventory investments, and improve your store’s order accuracy. Through our POS solutions, you’ll gain:

  • Access to real-time data
  • Easy to read visual reports
  • Inventory and Purchase suggestions
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Reward Your Most Loyal Customers

Utilize your POS system as the ultimate tool, and generate higher customer loyalty with our integrations to create a CRM within your POS system. Our integration allows you to create adaptable loyalty programs to keep customers coming back. Reward your customers with loyalty points, coupons, and gift certificates to keep business thriving. With customer data tracking, you can review previous transactions to produce personalized rewards and promotions to your customers based on reporting.

Boost Profits

With all of these powerful tools at your disposal, your business’s profits will boost while your point of sale system adapts as your operations grow. In addition, our intelligent systems design allows for seamless integration and a multitude of different payment methods options, such as debit, credit, and EBT card processing, making it easier than ever before to adapt, operate, and profit. Auto-Star’s POS systems help you:

  • Streamline promotions and store pricing
  • Grow sales and maximize profits
  • Increase and promote higher margins

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