Customer Case Study: Janzen’s Pharmacy

“Auto-Star puts you in an entirely new league in the eyes of the customer.”
Brenda Adams, Owner

Janzen’s Pharmacy, located in Thunder Bay, Ontario, has been providing clients with quality service and personalized care for more than 90 years. In addition to filling thousands of prescriptions a day, the company offers a wide range of customized pharmacy services including long-term care, specialty compounding, diabetic support, and a team of highly trained specialists to help promote a healthy lifestyle.

Owner and Pharmacist, Brenda Adams, purchased the pharmacy in 2002, and has since added a second location to accommodate their rapid growth. In order to serve the needs of their growing customer base and offer cutting-edge technology, Janzen’s installed Auto-Star Compusystems’ Star-Plus point of sale solution. “We had experience with Auto-Star before in our existing store, so we were familiar with the capabilities of the system and knew it could do everything we would ever need it to,” said Brenda. Since implementing Star-Plus, Janzen’s has significantly increased sales and operational efficiency, while continuing to provide the top quality service that they are known for.

An All-In-One Solution
From tracking inventory to advanced reporting to managing customer A/R accounts, Star-Plus has provided Janzen’s with a complete pharmacy solution. “Having all the information at our fingertips really allows us to look smart and confident when talking to customers,” said Cathy Pratola, Pharmacy Manager.

Not only has Star-Plus become part of their communication with customers, the system has saved the company countless hours of time. “Without interrupting the accountant, I can quickly tell the customer what their balance is” explains Cathy. “We do a lot of problem solving at the store front because all the information is there. When you have 500 customers in just a few hours, it saves us a lot of time.”

Janzen’s is also able to monitor the performance of their second store without having to be onsite. Through a simple look up at either location, the store can view information such as products on file, inventory quantities, and rewards points.

Increased Sales & Inventory Turns
Janzen’s has noticed huge improvements in inventory turnover since implementing Star-Plus. “My accountants call me the queen of turns,” said Brenda. “Our turns are phenomenal here and we couldn’t do it without the system.” Janzen’s uses Star-Plus to track their inventory on hand, make informed decisions about stock levels and identify customer trends. As a direct result, the pharmacy continues to show significant increases in sales. “We went from six employees eight years ago to almost 60 today and putting Star-Plus in the store has been a huge part of that,” said Brenda.

Enhanced Customer Loyalty
The Customer Loyalty module has also proven to be a key tool; increasing customer retention, while adding value to their customers shopping experience. Janzen’s Live Better – Save More rewards card allows customers to earn points on purchases at either of their locations which can be used towards savings on future purchases. Brenda is quick to comment, “Being a small business, Auto-Star puts you in an entirely new league in the eyes of the customer. It has allowed us to serve them so much better and provided us with a competitive edge. We tie the rewards program into everything that we do.”

First Class Service
Auto-Star was able complete the installation and train the staff on the system very quickly. According to Brenda, “The installation was seamless and our support technician was fabulous.” The service did not end with the sale, as Auto-Star continues to provide Janzen’s with outstanding support from their call center.

While Janzen’s Pharmacy continues to expand their business, Owner, Brenda Adams, is confident that Star-Plus will be a key part of their success. “We have everything for the patient. That’s what we stand by and Auto-Star helps us accomplish that.”

About Auto-Star’s Pharmacy POS Systems

Auto-Star Compusystems is a software company that develops pharmacy POS systems for retailers across Canada, the United States, and the Caribbean. The company’s pharmacy point of sale software products provide seamless end-to-end solutions to optimize efficiency and customer satisfaction, while lowering operating costs.


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