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Case Study: Unboxed Market

UNBOXED MARKET Star-Plus is the solution to manage a large variety of SKUs and conquer inventory management to keep unique grocers on track. Case Study OVERVIEW Opening in 2019, Toronto’s first zero-waste grocery store focuses on eliminating single-use plastics by partnering with distributors and customers to reuse containers. They needed a point of sale (POS)…

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Case Study: Solutions Clinical Pharmacy

SOLUTIONS CLINICAL PHARMACY How Star-Plus helps keep business on track and alleviate growing pains in a rapidly growing pharmacy. Case Study OVERVIEW When pharmacists Leigh Fehr-Little and April Duchscherer opened Solutions Clinical Pharmacy nine years ago, the women had a vision for a community-focused pharmacy that emphasized relationship building. By staying true to their focus,…

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the bake oven logo
Customer Case Study: The Bake Oven

“The major advantage to Auto-Star is the 5-star customer support. The staff is knowledgeable, they listen to the needs of their customers, and are proactive. They’re the best I’ve ever worked with.” – Jerome Posthumus General Manager, The Bake Oven   In the world of retail, The Bake Oven is a gem. The successful family-run…

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White Cross Dispensary
Customer Case Study: White Cross Dispensary

“Other systems offered the best price, but not the full solution – this is where Auto-Star shines.” – James & Chantal Dumont Owners, White Cross Dispensary In today’s retail environment, small businesses are challenged with a fast-moving and competitive marketplace. Despite stiff competition from big box stores, some independent pharmacies have continued to thrive. White…

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Customer Case Study: Sam’s Foods

“I have saved many hours a week by switching to Star-Plus.” – Brendon Vodden, Sam’s Foods Sam’s Foods is a small family owned and operated grocery store located in Manitou, Manitoba.  The company offers a wide selection of fresh produce, meat, dairy and household items.  For over 25 years, Sam’s foods has been dedicated to…

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westmount pharmacy logo
Customer Case Study: Westmount Pharmacy

“My overall experience with Auto-Star is highly positive because of the friendly staff that I have the pleasure of working with.” – Ahmed Younis, Director of Information Technology Westmount Pharmacy is a family owned and operated pharmacy located in Peterborough, Ontario. The company offers a variety of patient-focused drug therapy services including; medication consultations, packaged…

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