Customer Case Study: Westmount Pharmacy

“My overall experience with Auto-Star is highly positive because of the friendly staff that I have the pleasure of working with.”
Ahmed Younis, Director of Information Technology

Westmount Pharmacy is a family owned and operated pharmacy located in Peterborough, Ontario. The company offers a variety of patient-focused drug therapy services including; medication consultations, packaged prescriptions, IV therapy, and delivery services. Their pharmacists are available 365 days a year to provide the best drug therapy solutions, allowing their patients to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Westmount sets themselves apart from the competition with their highly educated pharmacists, each specializing in a particular field of medication. CEO and Chief Pharmacist, Murad Younis, is currently the only pharmacist in the world certified in four pharmacy specialties from the American Board of Pharmacy Specialties.

With the growth of their business, Westmount was looking to expand their retail space, enhance their front store offering, and add additional cash lanes. It became apparent that their existing POS system along with its lack of quality technical support would not be able to meet their changing needs and accommodate their expansion. After carefully evaluating a number of options, Ahmed Younis, Director of Information Technology, selected the Star-Plus point of sale and retail management solution from Auto-Star Compusystems.

The Star-Plus point of sale solution has provided Westmount with the reporting tools necessary to evaluate their pharmacy and make informed business decisions. Star-Plus features a variety of reports to analyze daily business activity, as well as a custom report builder to design and save reports relevant to their business.

The staff at Westmount also finds the Star-Plus Executive Dashboard module to be extremely useful. Executive Dashboard provides a quick snap shot of the stores performance using real-time data. “Being able to see these performance indicators visually is remarkable,” says Ahmed.

With a significant number of Westmount’s customers utilizing their delivery services, a time saving delivery system was a key requirement. “We had many issues with our previous delivery system, making this functionality a high priority for us,” said Ahmed. Unlike their previous system, Star-Plus has allowed Westmount to automatically generate invoice and delivery information, as well as track and reconcile all payments. This has resulted in significant time savings, quicker fulfillment, and order accuracy.

Another important feature when evaluating solutions was the ability to integrate with their existing pharmacy management system. The Star-Plus and pharmacy system dispensary integration allows the prescription barcode that contains the Rx number and copay amount to be scanned, ensuring the information entered at the till is accurate, and also results in a faster throughput of customers. This combination of reduced wait times and improved accuracy has had a positive impact on customer satisfaction for Westmount.

The Star-Plus Inventory Control has also helped Westmount to increase sales and improve operational efficiency. Ahmed went so far as to say, “I could not imagine my life without this feature.” Using suggested ordering, orders are automatically calculated based on item movement and on hand quantities, thus reducing capital that was previously tied up in slow moving inventory. Orders are then electronically sent to the supplier further streamlining the process.

In addition, Westmount has found tremendous value in Auto-Star’s technical support. “The main reason why my overall experience with Auto-Star is highly positive is because of the technical and friendly staff that I have the pleasure of working with,” said Ahmed.

The implementation of the Star-Plus solution, with its robust features and exceptional technical support has helped to make the expansion of Westmount Pharmacy as seamless as possible. Westmount Pharmacy continues to grow and has recently opened a new location. Star-Plus was the retail management solution selected for this site, further confirming their confidence in the product.

About Auto-Star’s Pharmacy POS Systems

Auto-Star Compusystems is a software company that develops pharmacy POS systems for retailers across Canada, the United States, and the Caribbean. The company’s pharmacy point of sale software products provide seamless end-to-end solutions to optimize efficiency and customer satisfaction, while lowering operating costs.


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