Customer Case Study: Kashyap’s Pharmasave

“Auto-Star came to the rescue and got me up and running within a day. The installation was very well executed and the ongoing support has been good as well.”
– Raj Kashyap, Owner

Located in Peterborough, Ontario, Kashyap’s Pharmasave is a full service pharmacy with specialists in homeopathic care, foot care, skin care, and home health care. Their dedicated team of caring professionals ensures that the highest quality of service is provided to every customer. They routinely conduct “Live Well” clinics to inform customers about health issues and provide them with the information required to make important decisions.

For over 10 years, Kashyap’s Pharmasave was using an outdated and unsupported system functioning only as a cash register. When the hardware finally crashed, the company was faced with needing to update both the hardware and software in order to automate their processes and effectively run their business.

Owner, Raj Kashyap, chose the Star-Plus point of sale and retail management solution from Auto-Star Compusystems. “Auto-Star came to the rescue and got me up and running within a day,” said Raj. Since the implementation of Star-Plus, the company has been able to better analyze their sales data and as a result has seen a noticeable improvement in their operational efficiencies and increased margins.

Kashyap’s Pharmasave has found the advanced reporting in Star-Plus to be extremely beneficial. “The system allows me to keep track of my sales on an up to date basis,” said Raj. With the new system, the company is able to setup specific departments to track and analyze the sales for each line of business. “I am constantly looking at the reports for our foot clinic and homeopathic clinic to see where the sales are compared to last month. The system is good for analyzing this type of data,” explains Raj.

Star-Plus has also made running in store promotions much simpler and less time consuming. The system is able to automatically discount products that are selected for promotions. “Setting up promotions is really easy to do with the system,” says Raj. “It helps with saving time as opposed to putting stickers on products and taking them off at the end of the promotion.” In addition, the Signs & Labels program saves the company significant time, as they no longer have to manually update shelf labels. Finally, Star-Plus has made the ordering process more efficient for Kashyap’s Pharmasave. “Previously we were not doing any of the front store ordering though the POS,” said Raj.

Not only has Star-Plus improved store efficiency, it has had a direct positive impact on their bottom line. “Using Star-Plus, we were able to adjust a few of our price points and increase margins,” says Raj. Kashyap’s Pharmasave has also improved its bottom line through improved inventory tracking. “I now have a true value of what inventory on the floor is,” said Raj.

Auto-Star strives to provide exceptional customer service and ensure the installation process is as seamless as possible. Raj agrees, “The installation was very well executed and the ongoing support has been good as well. I have been really pleased.”

Raj is happy to recommend the Star-Plus point of sale to other pharmacies. “Any other Pharmasave I have spoken to, I have recommended using Auto-Star. I am very comfortable with the system.”

About Auto-Star’s Pharmacy POS Systems

Auto-Star Compusystems is a software company that develops pharmacy POS systems for retailers across Canada, the United States, and the Caribbean. The company’s pharmacy point of sale software products provide seamless end-to-end solutions to optimize efficiency and customer satisfaction, while lowering operating costs.


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