Customer Case Study: Kamsack Family Pharmacy

“We use the daily scheduled reports to easily track our sales. There is so much detail; you can really break down the data and see exactly how much of each item you are selling.” – Hillary Walter, Kamsack Family Pharmacy

Kamsack Family Pharmacy opened in May 2012 as part of the PharmaChoice banner group. The company offers a variety of services including consultations, prescription delivery, homecare and diabetic supplies. They deliver fast and friendly service while offering personalized care for their customers.

As a new business, owner, Aaron Walter was looking for a cost-effective and easy to use point of sale solution that would allow him to put through transactions quickly. “The most important feature of the software was that it was quick and simple for anyone to use at the till,” said Aaron. In addition, it was essential that the store was able to track inventory and report on sales information.

Kamsack Family Pharmacy installed the Star-Plus point of sale and retail management system from Auto-Star Compusystems. The Star-Plus solution has helped to automate their business processes, allowing them to continue to focus on providing exceptional customer service.

The Star-Plus Inventory Control Module provides Kamsack Family Pharmacy with real-time tracking to ensure that products are stocked at the right time. “Having an accurate count of what you have in your store is very important,” explains Aaron. Effective inventory management reduces cash tied up in inventory and as a result increases margins. Staff Pharmacist, Hillary Walter, also finds the advanced reporting of Star-Plus extremely beneficial. “We use the daily scheduled reports to easily track our sales. There is so much detail; you can really break down the data and see exactly how much of each item you are selling.”

Kamsack Family Pharmacy uses the Accounts Receivable program in Star-Plus to extend credit to customers, track account balances and print statements. “We have several groups of patients (homecare, delivery) that need to have the ability to charge,” Hillary notes. By automating their account receivable functions, the company is able to collect money more quickly and efficiently.

While Star-Plus offers many advanced features, Kamasack Family Pharmacy appreciates the simplicity of the software. “It is so much more intuitive for day to day cash than other software we have experience with,” commented Aaron. This makes training new employees on the system easy and customers benefit from a quick checkout process.

As a PharmaChoice member, Kamsack Family Pharmacy participates in many of the home health flyer promotions. Using the universal import tool, the staff is able to easily import promotional pricing. “We simply scan the file to ensure it imported correctly as opposed to having to change every single price manually. That would be very tedious,” said Hillary.

Auto-Star strives to provide exceptional customer service, from the installation to the training and continued support. Aaron gladly comments, “The installation was very smooth and the technician stayed while we got up and running. In addition, “Auto-Star has always responded quickly and checks back to see how things are going.”

Auto-Star is pleased to provide the solution of choice for Kamsack Family Pharmacy, and is confident that as they continue to grow Star-Plus will be able to meet and exceed their needs. Kamsack Family Pharmacy appreciates the commitment to ongoing service, “There is always someone there to help you.”

About Auto-Star’s Pharmacy POS Systems

Auto-Star Compusystems is a software company that develops pharmacy POS systems for retailers across Canada, the United States, and the Caribbean. The company’s pharmacy point of sale software products provide seamless end-to-end solutions to optimize efficiency and customer satisfaction, while lowering operating costs.


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