Advanced New Technology for your PharmaChoice Pharmacy

PharmaChoice is Canada’s fastest growing pharmacy banner. With over 800 locations across Canada, their promise to celebrate independent pharmacy is resonating with pharmacy owners across the country.  Auto-Star is proud to serve many of these unique locations tailored to the communities that they serve. With a unique and diverse group of stores, it’s important that every pharmacy look to their technology partners to help them manage their specific requirements in a very competitive landscape. Auto-Star is excited to once again present our pharmacy point of sale (POS) and retail management solutions to PharmaChoice pharmacies at the 2019 PharmaChoice National Trade Show.

Here are some of the exciting new technologies that PharmaChoice pharmacies can expect to see at this year’s event.

PharmaChoice Perks Rewards Program
Independent pharmacies know how important it is to build customer loyalty in their stores. Great service is a start but by implementing the PharmaChoice Perks reward program powered by the Star-Plus POS, PharmaChoice owners have a tool to help them grow their sales while rewarding their best customers. Using our advanced loyalty and promotions features, stores can take their Perk’s program to the next level. Integrated email marketing, bonus perks and coupons all promoting that next visit, your Option+ product line or an add-on purchase are core features of the Star-Plus Loyalty program. Integrate Auto-Star’s Electronic Gift Card program and find new and exciting ways to attract new customers and encourage repeat business.

Improved Product Management Workflow
Auto-Star is always looking for ways to save time and reduce errors for our PharmaChoice pharmacies. By working closely with the PharmaChoice national office to develop a new and improved Flyer download process, we expect to cut down the time to import flyers in half. Not only are we speeding up the process but we’re also adding new features and reports to save you even more time so that you can get back to doing what you do best, serving your patients.

Star-Plus Delivery App
PharmaChoice pharmacies know that prescription deliveries can be a valuable service to provide to their customers, but how do you manage and track deliveries effectively? Inventory and prescriptions leave the store, money is collected at the door, and most pharmacy POS systems only have manual processes and workarounds to try to manage this. This is why we developed the Star-Plus Delivery App. Fully integrated into the Star-Plus point of sale, this android app allows PharmaChoice pharmacies to track deliveries right to the door where they can capture an electronic signature for full accountability and reporting.

Online Reporting and Business Intelligence for PharmaChoice Groups
Do you have a group of PharmaChoice pharmacies that you own and manage? We will be providing a “sneak peek” at the PharmaChoice National Trade Show on our new mobile reporting and business intelligence tools. Powered by our Star-Link pharmacy chain management solution, chain PharmaChoice owners can access real-time business intelligence from anywhere. Anytime. 

Ecommerce Integration
More and more, PharmaChoice pharmacies are competing with online and big box retailers. Their customers love their personalized service and specialized treatment but want a way to conveniently buy from them online. Now with Auto-Star’s ecommerce integration, PharmaChoice owners do not have to worry about how to manage and reconcile inventory across multiple sales channels. Simply connect your Star-Plus pharmacy POS to leading online stores like; Shopify, Magento and BigCommerce to automate price and product updates and streamline inventory and sales reconciliation. 

Specialized Services
Many of our PharmaChoice pharmacies have expanded their offerings and have thriving home healthcare departments, natural solutions or weight loss management programs. The specialized nature of these businesses require features that traditional point of sale solutions do not typically have. With the Star-Plus Pharmacy POS solution you can print or email your customers and insurance partners quotes and full page Invoices. Add your own notes or terms and conditions to ensure that all insurance requirements are met and your patients receive the best possible service.

You can highlight natural product features like “non-GMO” or “organic” on labels and use specialized reporting to analyze these items.

Many of our pharmacies also reward their pharmacy staff with our flexible commissions and bonus management program. Give bonuses to your best staff for growing your weight loss management program and eliminate manual processes and errors.

These are just a few of the exciting new and enhanced features that we are thrilled to make available to our PharmaChoice pharmacies at the 2019 PharmaChoice National Trade Show. To learn more contact Auto-Star today or visit us in booth #310 at the PharmaChoice National Trade Show at the Calgary Telus Convention Centre May 23rd – 25th.


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