Is it Time to Upgrade your Retail POS System? 5 Questions to Consider

At some point it’s bound to happen. You’ll step back and take a look at your current retail point of sale (POS) system and think to yourself, “How old is this thing?” or maybe, “Should I invest in a more advanced system for my growing business?”

If you think it might be time for a technology upgrade, consider these five questions regarding your current retail POS system to discover if it’s time for you to take the leap:

1.     Does Your POS Provide Ongoing Training and Technical Support?

One of the most important things to consider when you’re looking to implement an updated POS system is the total value of your investment. Did your POS value end at the sale, or have you received ongoing training and technical support?

As a retailer, you want the peace of mind knowing that an expert support system is behind you and ready to handle any issues that may arise in your business. A vendor that provides long term benefits and services, not just a quick sale, will provide your business with the most value and the largest return on your investment for your retail POS system.

2.     Does Your POS Integrate with Other Systems?

In the retail industry there are many software integrations available for point of sale systems that are designed to make running your business easier. Retailers use these tools for various tasks, from keeping track of inventory and reporting, to payroll and gift and loyalty programs for customers. But, do you know if your current POS is built to handle these kinds of additions?

Most older systems just weren’t built to support software that grows with your successes and may not have the capabilities for the integrations you need. You’ll want a system that offers these integrations, as well as ongoing development and software updates for continual innovation and maximum ROI.

3.     When Your Store Gets Busy, Does Your POS Make Things Easier or More Difficult?

For the times when your store gets busy, you want your POS technology to make your life easier, not harder. When you get hit with a rush and an impatient line of customers, your POS should help you move them through the checkout process quickly–and without sacrificing the accuracy and quality you pride yourself on.

Your employees should be able to use your retail POS with ease, as a tool for getting the job done, not a burden that holds up the process. A quality, robust POS system will keep your retail operations running smoothly day after day and your customers will be grateful for quick, accurate service.

4.     Does Your POS Help with Data & Analytics?

One of the most important aspects of running a retail store is keeping a pulse on your business operations. You want to be sure you have access to all of the information you need, and can use it to your advantage to better manage your business and accounts.

With the right retail POS, you can access valuable shopper information to make better business decisions. Your POS should be collecting organized and efficient reports for you to access when you need them, whether it be information about when to reorder products or the most ideal time to have an in-store sale.

5.     Is Your POS Creating Stronger Customer Relationships?

What is the biggest thing that keeps retailers in business? Your customers! When you’re evaluating the current POS technology in your retail establishment, make sure it’s working towards your ultimate goal: satisfied, loyal customers.

Modern retail POS systems have the capabilities to do way more than old systems. Not only can you check out customers from the system, you can implement a gift card program, and keep customers coming back time after time with your own loyalty program. Your customers will feel appreciated and valued for their business, increasing the odds of them returning.


Your POS is the center of your retail establishment. You can’t make sales without it, but why not get more out of it than just sales?

Is your current POS system lacking in one or more of these areas? It sounds like it’s time for an upgrade. The right technology will meet all of your retail needs, grow with your business, and will last for many years to come. Request a quote with Auto-Star today to discover how our retail POS technology can make your business more profitable.