5 Ways to Use the Star-Plus POS to Enable Your Omni-Channel Business

As an independent retailer you’re faced with competition from other brick and mortar businesses, online sellers, subscription services, delivery services and more. Today’s advanced retailer knows that it’s important to serve their customers anywhere, anytime not just at the point of sale (POS) in store. But how do you ensure that your customers receive the same high-level customer service at every interaction that they’ve come to expect? Omni-Channel retailing is a term used to describe an enterprise that unifies all sales and marketing channels to create a single commerce experience for your customers across your brand. Whether you are selling in person, online, on the phone or unattended at a self-checkout, retailers need to ensure that they are providing a consistent experience or they risk alienating customers and losing business. Auto-Star recognizes this problem and have developed solutions to become your Omni-Channel business and retail hub.

Here are the top 5 ways Auto-Star’s Star-Plus POS and retail management solution solves your Omni-Channel challenges:


1. Mobile POS

Gone are the days that you can ask your customers to line up at the POS for every purchase. Today your customers expect to buy when and where they are ready. By using Auto-Star’s mobile POS technology, you can serve your customers anywhere on the sales floor ensuring a seamless Omni-Channel experience. Centralized product, pricing and transaction logic ensures that loyalty and charge accounts are supported across your brand.


2. Ecommerce Integration

If you are only selling in store, you’re missing out on a whole world of potential customers. How do you ensure that products and pricing are consistent from the shelf to your ecommerce platform? How do you ensure that inventory levels are in sync? The Star-Plus Ecomdash integration allows independent retailers to quickly and easily integrate with multiple online channels including Shopify, Magento, Big Commerce and more.


3. Online Ordering

Our urban grocery customers not only compete with the store across town but perhaps multiple stores on the same block! How do you compete for the urban shopper’s attention in a crowded marketplace? With the Star-Plus Mercato integration, you can enable an Omni-Channel experience for your customers including ecommerce, delivery, marketing and customer service tools. Integrated with the Star-Plus retail management suite to eliminate manual data management, you’ll be free to do what you do best, serving your customers.


4. Self-Checkout

How do you free up your sales associates time while allowing your customers to buy from you when and where they want? With the new Star-Plus Self-Checkout solution, you can offer your customers the shopping experience they expect – at a fraction of the price of the “big guys”. Ensure that your branding and customer experience is consistent from the POS to Self-Checkout with our configurable display and centralized transaction logic. This easy to use, easy to implement solution is a customer service winner. Free up time to serve pharmacy or health patients and make it easy for your customers that are in a hurry to get what they need.


5. Mobile Delivery Management

Sometimes your customers aren’t able to come to you. Using the Star-Plus Mobile Delivery App you can take your store to your customers. You’ve built your business and your customers prefer to shop with you. Make it easy and earn more sales while ensuring the same Omni-Channel experience across all platforms by using the Star-Plus Mobile Delivery App. Effortlessly track orders from the moment they are taken to the time they are delivered and payment is received.


Contact Auto-Star to learn how to use the Star-Plus POS to enable your Omni-Channel business.


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