Selecting a Vendor Partner: 5 Things to Look for As a Value-Added Reseller


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Everyone knows that relationships can be tricky, especially when it comes to value-added resellers and their journey to find the perfect vendor partner. Both parties want to evaluate each other to see if there’s true compatibility, as well as long-term profitability.

If you’re on your way to finding the perfect working relationship, here are five essential things to look for in your next vendor partner:


1. Industry Expertise

When it comes to the products and solutions you sell as a value-added reseller, you’ll want to look for a vendor partner that’s fluent in the industry you serve. The technology you are providing should be specific to the industry your customers do business in to keep you competitive and help you best meet the needs of your clients. Not only that, they’ll be able to provide expert guidance and support when needed.


2. Innovative Solutions

When searching for a vendor partner, it’s important to choose a partner that provides technology products that you truly believe in. Look for products and services that are feature-rich and industry-proven so you can provide a solid solution that will help your clients grow.

It’s also essential that in your role as a VAR you look for a company that prioritizes innovation, especially when selling technology that focuses on solving problems and making day-to-day life easier for clients. In doing this you will not only set yourself up for long-term success, but your clients as well– since innovation means the products will serve the current and future needs of your customers.


3. Reduced Investment

Beware of a vendor partner that is trying to pull you in for a quick buck. Many things can entice value-added resellers to join a program, but VARs should always be cautious with their decision. To alleviate any concerns and avoid red flags, look for a partner that offers reduced startup expenses, reduced investment levels, and accelerated cash flow cycles. This shows that they’re committed to your sustained business growth, and want to get you up and running as easily as possible.


4. Support Services

No one likes to be left in the dark, especially when it comes to technology issues. As a value-added reseller, your clients trust you to work through their current and future issues. To meet these needs, look for a partner that offers ongoing service and support assistance.

Peace of mind comes from knowing you have a reliable partner that has your back in case of problems. Unsolved errors and outages can cost your customers thousands of dollars, so be sure they won’t miss out on any of their hard-earned sales because of complicated tech issues.


5. Real ROI

Return on investment is something value-added resellers should keep top of mind when selecting a vendor partner. Not only should your partner want to grow their own business, but they should also want to grow yours.  

To maximize your opportunity, avoid a program that overcrowds vendors in one geographic area. Instead, look for areas of true growth and opportunity with the organization you choose to partner with, including:

  • Open sales territories
  • Sustainable sales pipelines
  • Continuing education
  • Annuity sales
  • Recurring revenue


A Partner You Can Trust:

As a VAR, you deserve a vendor that puts you first. Auto-Star offers a comprehensive, industry-leading partner program for quality VARs looking to expand their line card and take their business to new heights. Learn more about our you first Partner Program today.


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