Solve these 4 Natural Health Store Challenges with Ecommerce Inventory Management

For natural health store owners, maximizing sales will always be a constant goal. One of the most effective ways to do that is through ecommerce. Ecommerce has played a huge role in driving sales and helping natural health retailers gain a wider audience. Your target audience is already buying products online, so the last thing you want to do is lose out on this market opportunity.

It’s not enough just to offer ecommerce, however. You need to make sure you are managing it efficiently– which is where ecommerce inventory management software can help. This software integrates with your existing point of sale system and centralizes your ecommerce platforms into one single location where you can view and manage inventory in real-time.

For natural health stores with a wide range of products, this software can solve many different challenges:

Challenge #1: Lack of Visibility

Visibility is critical. Without proper visibility into your warehouses and channels, you won’t be able to make informed business decisions. Gaining real-time insight into your business operations helps you maintain tight control over costs.

Ecommerce inventory management provides you with this important visibility. With it, you can gain access to critical data that will help you make more informed, data-driven business decisions. Once you have a more detailed picture of your natural health store, you can increase quality control, allocate your resources more effectively, and make smarter purchasing decisions for your inventory.

Challenge #2: Overstocking and Stock Outs

Manual inventory processes can be incredibly time-consuming, not to mention rife with inaccuracies. Ecommerce inventory management software automates this process, providing an optimal quantity of inventory at all times. With it, you can avoid both stock outs and excess stock. Plus, you get real-time information on inventory levels, so you know when levels are low and you need to order more. Should an accidental stock out occur, the software won’t let ecommerce customers purchase these items.

Challenge #3: Scalability Concerns

Many small- to medium-sized businesses have concerns about expanding into multiple ecommerce platforms. They are often worried about fulfillment, the increased responsibilities for management, and many other growing pains that typically come with expansion.

An integrated ecommerce inventory management system gives you peace of mind, knowing you can sell through multiple channels and not run out of resources. You can use this automated system to keep track of all of your orders and inventory stock across channels. The more channels you have, the more opportunities for growth you can leverage, as long as you have the right software to manage it well.

Challenge #4: Tedious Data and Reporting

Not enough can be said for the ability to manage all online ecommerce platforms in one comprehensive place. The capabilities allow natural health store owners to gain valuable insights into top-performing products, best and worst sellers, and the speed with which each item runs out. This eliminates unneeded labor costs by streamlining your processes and automatically tracking and reporting at the click of a button. You’ll no longer have to allocate hours conducting manual reports and comparing them across disparate systems. You can view all of your reports in one convenient place and access them instantly.

Is it time to rethink your ecommerce inventory management strategy? As a natural health store, you want to ensure you’re providing the channels, fulfillment options, and overall customer experience that your shoppers are looking for. The right point of sale system includes valuable integrations that can transform your business operations. Contact Auto-Star today to learn more about our industry-specific POS solutions.


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