Customer Case Study: White Cross Dispensary

“Other systems offered the best price, but not the full solution – this is where Auto-Star shines.”
– James & Chantal Dumont
Owners, White Cross Dispensary

In today’s retail environment, small businesses are challenged with a fast-moving and competitive marketplace. Despite stiff competition from big box stores, some independent pharmacies have continued to thrive. White Cross Dispensary is a successful, family-owned pharmacy, catering to the Centretown Community in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada for over 60 years. To stay competitive, owners James and Chantal Dumont focus on technology to automate store processes, freeing up time for superior customer service.


A Complete POS Solution
When evaluating point of sale solutions, the company sought out a technology partner that offered flexible tools to fit the needs of the business; and ongoing enhancements to stay at the forefront of technology. In 2006, James and Chantal chose Auto-Star’s Star-Plus point of sale and retail management software for pharmacies. “As a business owner, you want to make sure the software you use isn’t going to make more work,” says James. “Other systems offered the best price, but not the full solution – this is where Auto-Star shines.”

 More Time for Customer Service
White Cross Dispensary has increased efficiencies with the Star-Plus point of sale and retail management software. Manual activities such as data entry and reporting are now automated, allowing staff more time with customers – a key to staying ahead of the competition. “At the end of the day, it reduces manual work of staff, so that we can work with customers – that’s what sets us apart,” says James. Reporting tools enable the pharmacy to more accurately track sales and inventory sold – supplying the information needed to better negotiate with suppliers, and replace non-selling items with new ones to better serve customer preferences. Pricing adjustments and promotion management are streamlined with the tailored pricing tools in Star-Plus. James advises: “Make sure you have the right technology in front of you – it’s easier to manage retail operations with a good POS system.”

 A Win-Win Rewards Program
Rewards programs engage new customers and strengthen the loyalty of existing customers. White Cross Dispensary required a simple and flexible software solution to launch a loyalty program best suited for both customers and the business. With the pharmacy’s VIP Rewards program, customers earn points based on purchases of qualifying items. Implementing the Star-Plus Customer Loyalty module, the pharmacy changed from awarding gift certificates for future purchases; to instant redemption of points for cash-off purchases. Customers now have a rewards program that offers the gratification of immediate cash savings when points are accumulated, without the hassle of a paper gift certificate. On the business side, instant point redemption has given White Cross Dispensary the benefit of reduced financial risk resulting from large amounts of unused points. James notes the change has been a positive one for customers and the store: “It’s made a big difference; it’s win-win.”

 Value-Added Home Delivery
White Cross Dispensary’s dedication to friendly, community-focused customer care is enhanced with their Home Delivery option. Available in the pharmacy’s neighborhood for any products sold at the store, this value-added service is enhanced by the driver, Phil, who has reliably delivered for the pharmacy for over 40 years. Using Star-Plus Mobile Delivery, the pharmacy has noted improved efficiency and order accuracy with less manual data entry. The easy to use system automates order tracking; processes payments; captures customer signatures (required by law in Ontario); and includes comprehensive reporting – all in one seamless system. Most importantly, the application is robust – recently White Cross Dispensary successfully completed over 100 deliveries in 8 days, without problems.

 Forward-Thinking Technology Partner
Reflecting on White Cross Dispensary’s partnership with Auto-Star, James comments: “We are very comfortable recommending the Auto-Star system to any of our colleagues. Auto-Star is always moving forward with technology. They listen, and are open-minded to work with new technologies. Kudos to Auto-Star – the product is excellent; the sales team is excellent; customer service and tech support knows what they’re talking about – it makes our job easier.”

About Star-Plus
Auto-Star’s Star-Plus point of sale and retail management solution is designed to assist businesses in optimizing efficiency and customer satisfaction, while lowering operating costs. Contact Auto-Star today for more information on our industry leading solutions for your independent pharmacy or visit


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