Customer Case Study: The Bake Oven

“The major advantage to Auto-Star is the 5-star customer support. The staff is knowledgeable, they listen to the needs of their customers, and are proactive. They’re the best I’ve ever worked with.”
– Jerome Posthumus
General Manager, The Bake Oven


In the world of retail, The Bake Oven is a gem. The successful family-run business of over 65 years boasts a loyal customer following, and relies mostly on word-of-mouth advertising. Open in 1955, The Bake Oven serves a unique niche in their city of Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada – offering locals a bakery, delicatessen, café and specialty grocery market under one roof. Products range from in-house baked goods; meats and artisanal cheeses; specialty grocery items; and a variety of meals in the Bruin Cafe – all with a European influence. With a vast offering of specialty products not found in big box stores, and a focus on providing an exceptional customer experience; The Bake Oven depends on technology to stay relevant and effectively manage their business.


A Complete Business Solution
The Bake Oven’s unique business model relies on a technology solution that gives them the tools to manage their store with ease, while controlling margins and operating costs. With a high value on customer service, The Bake Oven sought out a technology partner to provide the solution needed for today, and to grow into the future. In 2003, The Bake Oven chose Auto-Star’s Star-Plus point of sale and retail management solution.

Service with a Smile
Using the quick and easy to use point of sale system in Star-Plus, cashiers can focus on connecting with customers. Replacing the traditional cash register solution, Star-Plus also aids in reducing cashier mistakes, such as incorrect change, product pricing, or end-of-day cash count. Jerome Posthumus, General Manager of The Bake Oven, noted a “50% decrease in overs and shorts when cashing out” within in the first year of installing Star-Plus. As a complement to the market point of sale, the intuitive design of Star-Plus Quick Flip is tailored to the needs of the café, and keeps all sales information in one system.

Vast Products, Optimized Margins
The Bake Oven offers a wide assortment of hard-to-find specialty products to meet customer requests. To continue to be profitable, margins are closely monitored within the Star-Plus program. When receiving products, costs are referenced, prices are adjusted and customized shelf labels are printed – all within one seamless program. In addition, accurate inventory levels give The Bake Oven confidence when adjusting prices to compensate for inevitable shrinkage.

Top-Notch Inventory Control
With over 6000 products, accurate inventory control is essential. Using a perpetual inventory system with real-time item movement tracking in Star-Plus, The Bake Oven has confidence when ordering products. When stocking shelves, employees also ensure accurate inventory numbers – by referencing the quantity on hand and the vendor invoice, and adjusting in Star-Plus, if necessary. This system not only saves the store from closing for physical inventory counts, but also ensures the most up-to-date data is available when ordering. The Bake Oven uses the Star-Plus Scientific Ordering module, for precise ordering based on a variety of factors including on-hand inventory, sales history, and lead time. “With Star-Plus we saved 3%-5% through inventory control. I don’t think anyone has a better inventory system,” says Jerome.

5-Star Customer Service
As The Bake Oven continues to thrive (with renovations under way), Auto-Star has proven to be reliable technology partner. Providing regular program updates, new features, and a readily available call center with experienced technicians; Auto-Star ensures Star-Plus remains an innovative business tool. “The major advantage to Auto-Star is the 5-star customer support,” says Jerome. “The staff is knowledgeable, they listen to the needs of their customers, and are proactive. They’re the best I’ve ever worked with.”


About Star-Plus
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