4 Health Food Store Trends Retailers Need to Know for 2020

Holistic, mindful lifestyles have been a growing trend over the last decade—from more wellness activities to a big shift in the foods we prefer to consume. In 2020, eating more whole foods and less processed products will remain a steady, thriving mindset. The trends of popular holistic foods will see some changes, but what will the top trends be in the new year?

We have seen the rise of the avocado superfood, soy everything, assorted nut butters and more. Fast changing food trends make it challenging for whole food health stores to keep their shelves properly stocked—so we’re here to help.

Retailers are expected to offer sustainable, whole food options that fit into the wellness plans of today’s busy consumers. Here are 4 health food trends to expect in 2020:

1. Regenerative Agriculture

For today’s “foodies” focused on wellness, whole non-processed food options are not enough; there is now also an emphasis on where they are being sourced—more specifically, a focus on regenerative agriculture. Defined by Whole Foods as, “farming and grazing practices that restore degraded soil, improve biodiversity and increase carbon capture to create long-lasting environmental benefits,” regenerative agriculture includes practices such as composting and crop rotation.

Many companies are already investing in developing and researching more sustainable practices and their impact. Highlight these companies on store signage and shelf labels to give your customers the important information they are looking for and to promote products grown with sustainable practices.

 2. Plant-Based Products

Plant-based protein products are not a new concept. Soy has dominated the space for dairy and meat alternatives for some time, but in 2020, it’s time for soy to move over and make room for other plant-based staples.

Soy-based products were great solutions for vegetarians and those with dairy-free diets, however, as more people develop sensitivities to soy itself, there becomes a need for additional alternatives. Make sure other plant proteins derived from sources such as grains, mung beans, and hempseed are available in your health food store.

The market for meat substitutes is expected to reach $2.5 billion by the year 2023. “Flexitarian” diets are rising in popularity with followers choosing to limit their amount of meat without going completely vegan or vegetarian. Many choose this lifestyle in favor of a more sustainable planet as well as for additional health benefits.

3. Options for Kid “Foodies”

A generation of more health-conscious parents creates healthier kids—but since kids are notorious “picky” eaters, health food stores are beginning to offer “traditional” kid’s menu staples but with a healthier twist.

Little “foodies” can enjoy chicken nuggets made from organic, all white-meat chicken, non-breaded salmon fish sticks, plant-based and alternative flour pastas, and less sugary whole fruit-based snack options. With organic products being available in nearly 20,000 natural food stores and in nearly 3 out of 4 conventional grocers according to the 2019 data from the USDA, we can expect food brands to continue to expand the palates of our little shoppers—turning them into more adventurous eaters without even knowing it.

4. Healthier Single-Serve Refrigerated Snacks

Perhaps the most popular trend for health food stores in 2020 is keeping healthy snacking easy. Stores are doing this by stocking pre-packaged organic whole foods with less ingredients and more nutritional value for the grab-and-goers.

Refrigerated items like drinkable soups, packaged hard-boiled eggs, mini-dips and dippers of all varieties, and pickled veggies are among popular choices. Even the traditional grab-and-go snack bars have added fresh fruits and vegetables moving from stock shelves to the fridge.

In 2020, these snacks will become the “norm”, as customers want healthy snack options at the perfect portion. Having these items on hand caters to the health-conscious shopper and provides a solution to their busy on-the-go lifestyle. For an added level of efficiency, leverage your  kiosk and self-checkout for the ultimate shopper convenience.

With health food trends changing rapidly, and favoring perishable foods over processed products, inventory management and smart ordering will be crucial to the success of your whole foods store. Keep on top of 2020 trends with innovative retail technology to manage your operations. Service providers like Auto-Star understand the health food store industry and can offer solutions to grow your business.

Contact Auto-Star to learn more about POS solutions to stay competitive in 2020 and beyond.


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