3 Advantages of Promotion at the Point of Sale

While many business owners have the skills necessary to operate a business, they may not have a strategic mindset, or the necessary tools through which they can achieve success. It’s important that you know which strategies and solutions to implement in order to increase your sales.

Promoting at the point of sale combines strategy with technology in a way that can help you improve your profits and stay competitive in your industry. By blending technology with customer interactions, you can create an immersive shopping experience that entices customers to spend more without being pushy and driving customers away.

Leverage tools like digital signage and displays that will captivate the attention of your customers. By placing them at the point of sale, you can inform them of items they may be interested in, and it provides a focal point for customers. A customer-facing screen can keep them informed of promotions or deals they may have missed, prompting them to come back again. You can also advertise items that you keep next to the checkout counter to cash in on impulse purchases and upsell opportunities.

The advantages of promoting at the point of sale are numerous and widespread, but here are the top three:

Increase Productivity

Promoting at the point of sale doesn’t necessarily mean promoting at the checkout counter. You can implement kiosks and mobile POS solutions to expand sales opportunities within the store itself. Customers can use them to look up information about inventory and pricing. You can leverage upselling prompts to encourage them to purchase related items that they may be interested in and leverage personal promotions based on shopper history.

Equip your employees with mobile POS tablets, which can be used to pull up a customer’s previous purchases and loyalty memberships. Employees can use this information to promote other items and increase sales by making personalized recommendations for products.

Kiosks can give customers more control over their experience. As an added bonus, they can be utilized to create a virtual endless aisle, and display more of your products that you may not have currently in-stock.

Drive Customer Loyalty

You can leverage your point of sale system to implement automated marketing and promotions, which can be especially useful when managing multiple retail locations. Implementing one point of sale system that spans across all your locations can offer a centralized approach, simplifying business management and providing you with deeper visibility into all of your operations. Use the data from your POS to understand what drives retail consumer behavior so that you can create more profitable promotions.

Many systems allow you to issue coupons and gift certificates or other discounts with a purchase at the point of sale. A customer-facing screen gives you a prime opportunity to advertise your gift card and loyalty program. Train staff to encourage customers to enroll in the program by offering flexible promotions and discounts taken at the point of sale for members.

Use that same customer-facing screen to increase impulse buys at the checkout line through suggestive selling prompts and strategic product placement. These promotional efforts can help you give the average transaction the boost it needs to set you apart from your competitors.

Boost Sales and Increase Revenue

Strategically-placed digital signage and displays are effective tools that can greatly influence your shoppers and the purchases they make. These come in a variety of forms, including free-standing displays, counter displays, and customer-facing monitors. Don’t ever underestimate the power of a well-placed digital sign.

Impulse purchases account for a huge percentage of consumer spending. The average consumer spends over five grand per year on impulse purchases alone. According to a survey on impulse purchases, approximately 85% of respondents said their impulse purchase had to do with a discount or promotion.

Because of the sheer volume of impulse purchases customers are willing to make, it’s wise to place your discounts and promotions near the point of sale to entice consumers to make additional purchases, whether they do it in the moment right at the checkout counter, or they come back for more after receiving a discount or a promotion at the point of sale during a previous visit.

Get Started by Implementing the Right Tools

Invest in high-quality technology solutions that can help you advertise to your customers, increase average spend, and improve your bottom line. Auto-Star offers an array of these solutions, built to increase efficiency and designed with the needs of retailers in mind. For more information on how you can increase your profits by promoting at the point of sale, contact Auto-Star today.