4 Crucial Reasons Why Grocers Should Invest in Self-Checkout

Over the past several decades, the standards of customer service have changed, especially with the push towards more technology-driven solutions to provide customers what they desire. Today’s grocery customer likes the idea of shopping experiences tailored to their preferences with an unmatched speed of service.

Self-checkout in grocery stores and supermarkets is increasing in popularity across the world and are critical for the future of your grocery store. Here are four reasons your store should be investing in this technology:

1. Greater Checkout Efficiency

Today’s customers are all about quick, efficient service. Self-checkouts allow grocery stores to provide customers the option for a faster, easier checkout process. In fact, a recent study found that 87% of respondents who shop at self-service stores do so because it’s faster. With a self-checkout option, customers no longer have to depend on the pace of the cashier, and can scan and pay for their items as quickly as they’d like.

A grocery store self-checkout solution can help customers get through lines faster than they thought possible and yield significantly reduced wait times. Your customers will enjoy the increased speed and efficiency of your grocery store, so they can get in and out as they please.

2. Optimized Labor Costs

One of the biggest expenses that comes with running a grocery store is the cost of labor. In stores with self-checkout systems, there is a decreased need for as many employees to work at traditional checkout stations.

With self-checkout, employees won’t feel as if they’re being overworked and will appreciate the extra tech assistance in giving customers the experiences they desire. These employees can then be allocated to other areas of the store where their time is better spent, such as assisting a customer in finding items they need, or making sure shelves are fully stocked. Optimized labor costs will increase the profitability of your grocery store all year long.

3. Maximized Store Capacity

In your grocery store, there is limited floor space. Ensuring that you get the most value out of your available space should be top-of-mind, as it has a direct impact on your overall success. Unused space leaves a gap in potential revenue, and not enough space leads to stressed employees and customers.

Grocery stores with self-checkouts oftentimes can fit four stations in the space that one traditional check-out lane takes up, making these systems an effective and efficient use of space.

4. Better Customer Experience

It’s no secret that consumers like having options during their shopping experiences. Self-checkouts give your customers the flexibility and control they desire in how they complete their shopping trip by allowing them to choose between a traditional interaction with an employee or a quick and efficient self-checkout experience. A recent survey done by Diebold Nixdorf found that many shoppers actually prefer self-service checkout compared to real-life sales associates.

A faster, more streamlined checkout provides a better customer experience overall in your store, and will keep your customers coming back.

Greater Grocery Profitability

Delivering what your customers desire is essential for your grocery store or supermarket. In providing a self-checkout option, your store not only gains a competitive edge over your competition that doesn’t offer the same service, but you also gain greater efficiency and profitability in your overall operations.

Discover how Auto-Star can help increase your business efficiency and help you implement a grocery store self-checkout solution by requesting a quote today.